Pressure Washer for Domestic Use by Grandfalls

by Fawn

Get yourself this 2 in 1 Grandfalls pressure washer from Giraffe Tools. The Kink-Proof power washer is perfect for domestic use. It comes with a 6 ft long cable and a 100 ft hose, which greatly reduces wastage and increases washer pressure for whichever activity you undertake. You can use this for cleaning your floor, your car, your bicycle, or even watering your garden. In short, you have just found a reliable washing assistant.


At just $299.97, you get this unique ceramic technology guiding system with an assured long life. Your pressure washer is guaranteed a 400% lifecycle increase from the usual washers, giving you even more value for your money.


This Grandfalls pressure washer saves you even more time due to a one-time wall-mounting installation. It will save you valuable storage space as well as the energy and inconvenience of constantly carrying around. Are you buying it for your parents? They will love the effortless usage and the fact that no back-breaking lifting is involved.

Do you want to change the pressure of your water?

No pressure. Your Grandfalls has four watering modes that you can easily switch between, allowing you to apply the appropriate pressure whether you’re washing your caked-in-mud pick-up truck or simply clearing a blanket of leaves from your driveway.

Your pressure washer comes with the ability to produce a maximum water flow rate sufficient to remove any stubborn dirt quickly and easily. It is also fitted with a 100-foot hose for flexibility to cover large areas and removes the need to change its installation from a single mounting spot.

the effort required to roll it up after each use

Well, so have we. That is why we have developed a retractable system that gently and neatly pulls back the hose without any fear of knotting.

Your Grandfalls pressure washer also comes with the ability to lock your hose at any length with the smart locking mechanism, so you don’t have to swing or kick the hose out of your way.

Free Delivery:

This Grandfalls pressure washer can be delivered to you for free within 3-7 days.

Even though we stand by our promise to you about our product performance, the washer still comes with a two-year limited warranty

Product specifications:

The model’s name for this revolutionary washer is the Grandfalls Pressure Washer. Its rated voltage is 120V-60hz. You can get it in black or grey. It is UV resistant and has a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

What is included?

Delivered with your Grandfalls pressure washer are a high-pressure gun, a wall-fixed base, a bubble spray bottle, and a water inlet adapter. It also comes with four screws and an owner’s manual for your reference.

Order yourself this Grandfalls pressure washer, guaranteed to take away the hassle from your domestic cleaning. You will never ever need to lather your car before you hose it down to ensure it is clean. The attachable bubble spray bottle ensures that your preferred detergent is dispensed right before the pressured water, ensuring a clean and smooth wash.

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